Some people we meet are meant to love us for the moment

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“Some people are like singularities. Get close enough and you will be uncontrollably consumed in an infinite attraction and will cease to exist apart from them.”
― J.S.B. Morse

We met months ago, I was working a job I secretly despised. I hated almost every aspect of this job that had me move from the only home I had known to an unsophisticated location. The area was a hardship, far off in the middle of nowhere. To me, it did not seem like an idyllic place to raise children, but for the people who lived here, this was the only…

Forever in my heart

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To know Rosemary was to love Rosemary. To be known by Rosemary was to be sought relentlessly and to be loved unconditionally by her. Not the subtle type of love, the unyielding kind. For 18 years you have been my highlight reel and I will forever be grateful for this one thing. Today I eulogize you, in praise, in commendation, and in high salute. Thank you for being so confident, so complete, and for projecting that on us.

Watching you morph into a beautiful, remarkable, caring and introspective woman was and still is so surreal. I still remember the first…

Daily Mantra

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I hope you are brave enough to go through life a moment at a time.

I hope you are brave enough to leave the past where it belongs.

I hope you have enough courage to live your life fully without dreading the future or being torn apart by your past.

I hope you find enough courage to believe that nothing you could have done in your past could make this moment fuller and more complete than it already is.

I hope you are brave enough to be kind and compassionate to yourself.

I hope you are brave enough to love…

With each passing day, I have learned to welcome uncertainty and perfected my indifference to the things outside my control.

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Our lives could not have been any more certain and any less appreciated than they were and right now with the pandemic wreaking havoc in every aspect of our lives, it is difficult to imagine that there were times we had the luxury of believing we could map out our futures. Before the pandemic, my life was dominated by far less concerning uncertainties of my own, relentless jarring thoughts that left me unsure about how I had handled my failed past relationships.

Did I sabotage my relationships?

Could I have stayed a little longer? Or perhaps

Fought a little harder?

Raisa Muthoni

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